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Music Tag

Gambit EP

Track List:

1. One Little Univers
2. For Loving
3. Gambit VIP
4. Colonel Hertz

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Kasparov delivers his debut EP - a meticulously concocted exhibition of True Skool DnB that evokes the minimal-yet-incandescent sounds of the 97-99 era.

Support from: Ray Keith, The Asbo Disco, Kaptin (Boomtown Fair), DJ One (BBP), Clairvo (MustBeat) & more.

Bristolian globe-trotter Kasparov gave us the superb track 'Gambit' for our 'Zoo-Keeping 2' compilation, and we instantly asked him to do a full artist EP.
His debut EP displays seriously shrewd moves worthy of namesake Gary, with a sparseness and assuredness that evokes memories of the Golden Age of Drum n Bass. Like all the best tracks from that 97-99 period, the music is pared-down to the bone, leaving each deftly applied component to stand bold and deliver maximum satisfaction.
For Loving opens proceedings with a sparkling, soulful roller to thaw the coldest heart while maintaining the dancefloor pressure.
Marauding bass and twisted, horror-movie samples turn things all a bit dark in Colonel Hertz, with a sparkling VIP version of Gambit continuing in similarly stark fashion, favouring 'Shadow Boxing' style aesthetics over aforementioned horror. Rounding off an excellent EP is the ever-so-slightly-psychedelic One Tiny Universe, utilising more movie samples, this time within a Liquid roller.
With over 15 years experience DJs across the globe, Kasparov knows a thing or two about rocking a party, something abundantly evident on this assured debut EP.

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