1. Stick Em Up
2. Have You Heard ft. Fixed Point
3. Twitch
4. Re:Boot

Dave Remix - Thermal Dynamix EP

The 'Thermal Dynamix EP' brings together 4 slabs of dancefloor Bass Music.

Opening the EP is 'Stick Em Up' a 110bpm, Hip-Hop influenced, Mid-Tempo Breaks, with a bubbly acid lead and tight cuts are married with soaring basslines and a catchy chorus, this should come with a warning that it is a crowd pleaser and a half!
'Have Your Heard' see's Dave introduce his Electro House alter ego, Fixed Point, on this bouncy track.
Old skool rave stabs are combined with rolling sub lines, strings, fast paced raps and pounding 4x4 beats to create a tension filled dancefloor monster.
On 'Twitch' Dave Remix delivers a Glitched up Breakbeat roller for the Bass Music generation.
Growling bass lines are combine with tough beats and sweeping strings to create an energetic flow and dynamic journey for any dancefloor.
Closing the EP is 'Re:Boot', a rollercoaster ride through 140bpm Bass Music with a mixture of Dubstep and Breakstep to whip the dancefloor into a euthoric frenzy.